VAT Advice & Services

We pride ourselves on being able to deal with any VAT problem or eventuality, as evidenced in our case studies. The only area of work we do not actively seek to engage in is the actual production of VAT returns. The areas we cover are listed below.

We are also now able to offer a wider range of tax-related accountancy services.

  • Property
    Is the transaction taxable, can this be avoided, can VAT be recovered, can we assist in minimising other charges, e.g. SDLT?
  • Construction
    What is the liability of the services being provided, can this be recovered?
  • Liability of supplies
    Do you make supplies 'by way of business' are they taxable or exempt, can you recover the VAT you incur?
  • VAT refund
    This could be day to day refunds where HMRC dispute the validity of a claim, retrospective claims for overstated or non recovered VAT or DIY house builder refunds.
  • Exports
    Do you hold the correct evidence of export? If not can this be supported successfully by other documentation?
  • Place of supply
    Do you account for VAT in the UK or another EC member state when you physically provide your supplies outside the UK? Are you liable to register in another EC member state?
  • Minimisation of VAT costs, maximisation of VAT recovery and cash flow
    Can we help you avoid irrecoverable VAT costs or assist in recovering more VAT than you had thought you were able?
  • Are HMRC withholding moneys from you until they verify you are not involved with nor have knowledge of Multiple Trader Inter Community (MTIC) fraud?
  • Recovery of VAT incurred overseas, or for non UK based businesses
    Refunds of VAT incurred in the UK.
  • VAT fraud
    Are you under any form of investigation by HM Revenue & Customs for suspected VAT evasion (i.e. over and above the standard VAT inspection)?

Our Clients

Property Investors
Property Developers
Do it Yourself Builders
Educational Establishments
Healthcare Providers
(Nursing or care homes)
Social Landlords & Housing Associations
Financial Service Providers
Staff Providers
Professional service providers
(Accountants, solicitors, architects, property agents etc)
Leisure and Entertainment
Anybody affected by MTIC
(i.e. suspicion of carousel fraud)
Anybody affected by allegations of fraudulent evasion
VAT refund advice

We can help with any VAT problem.

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